Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Material Iphone Case

The variety of Iphone 3 cases these days is really quite small, and so what better way to have a case you really like than making one yourself! The other day I took up the hem of one of my dresses, and had a small amount of scrap material left over, so I decided to use the material to customise my phone. I think that it worked out really well, and is a great way to use up little bits of material you have at home!

We didn't have any mod podge at home, so I used this quick recipe to make my own. It works just as well!

You can buy clear Iphone cases really cheap online, and they are at pretty much every case shop, so getting your hands on one shouldn't be an issue.

Also, you can use any scrap material you like, as long as it's thin enough to fit in the case. For a variation, you can try using a few different materials instead of just the one type.

Put the iPhone under your scrap material and then fit your case over the top. If the case is to bulky and won't fit over the phone with the material also in there, your material is probably too thick and the case won't work.

Go around the outline of your phones case and then take the case off the phone. Carefully cut out around the outline you have drawn onto the material. Start applying Mod Podge to the clear case. 

Generously apply Mod Podge onto the case with your sponge brush and carefully place your material on top. Apply more Mod Podge onto the material, making sure you pay detailed attention to all the corners as they tend to be the weakest parts and you need to fully coat them so they don't fray. Leave your case to dry for a couple of hours. 

And thats it! I went back a re-applied Mod Podge at this stage just to be sure, but you don't have to. Also a variation to this could be that you swap the scrap material to paper and apply it to your case like we did in this tutorial. 

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