Friday, 22 March 2013

How to customise your earrings

For one of my friends birthdays, I wanted to make her a gift she would be able to wear. I decided on earrings because she has short dark hair and bright earrings always look so nice on her. I decided to try and paint some earrings I bought, and I was fairly happy with the outcome. This is how I did it! 

You will need:
1. Clear nail polish
2. Assorted coloured nail polishes
3. Earrings to paint (try and buy earrings that have a smooth surface because they are a lot easier to paint on)
4. Q-tips to erase any mistakes 
5. Nail polish remover to erase any mistakes. 

Start by painting the base coat of your earrings. We chose to do it a white colour, but you can change it to whatever you like. Apply as many base coats as you need to get to your desired colour.

 When the base coat is dry, you can start applying the top layer. For this particular design, we used a needle dipped in pink to create dot sort of shapes on the earring, but again you can change it to whatever you want. When the pink coat is completely dry, apply a coat of the clear nail polish. Leave the earrings to dry and then apply a second clear coat. Repeat this process as many times as you'd like, I repeated it four or five times.

 Above are some more ideas that you could use when creating your own designs.


  1. Cool they turned out really cute I never would have thought of using nail polish :)