Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Room re-decorating!

My friend Tamara has been wanting to change her room around for a while now. The two of us have been trying to find the right time to re-decorate it for a long time, and a few months ago decided that the summer break would be the perfect opportunity to do so. 
After some deliberation, we decided on a colour scheme of orange and blue, and then recently did our first shopping trip. This first trip was only to op-shops in out area. We took along a list of the type of objects we needed and went hunting for them. 

First stop- St. Vincent's De pal! 

One of the first things we were looking for was cute illustrated picture books that fitted in with the colour scheme. We wanted the books to make bunting flags to hang on the walls. We found a Winnie the pooh book and a book about the cookie monster that seemed to do the colour scheme justice. 

Originally we were going to china tea cups and make tea cup candles as a blue centrepiece, but in the end we decided on a beautiful blue tea pot to use a vase instead. 

Tamara looking through the second hand items

The best thing about op shops (besides the obvious fact of them being super cheap) is that there is so much variety available. In this one tiny op shop we found half of the items needed for Tamara's room. 

Some of the purchases. We bought a few types of blue material to cover throw cushions on for Tamara's bed, and the tea pot is the one we are going to use as a vase. 

All in all, we spent twenty dollars and bought:
 -Two books ($1) 
-A tea pot ($8) 
-Material for cushions ($5) 
-A glass jar ($1) 
-Blue cushion ($5)  

I reckon it was a twenty dollars well spent, and I'll make sure to keep you all updated on how the room is coming together! xx

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