Saturday, 5 January 2013

Make-up Reviver!

It is the worst feeling when your blusher or compact powder shatters, and the broken pieces can often create messy results. But have no fear, there is a solution! Following these simple steps, your crushed blush can once again return to it's original state. It's super easy and costs next to nothing. 

Wrap your blusher in cling wrap and gently ground it into a thin powder with the end of the eye-shadow brush. Be careful not to poke a hole through the cling wrap!

Poor a few drops into the bottle cap.

Using only a few drops each time, poor the drops into the blusher and gently move it around with the tip of the butter knife.

Make sure you don't add to many drops, only enough that the blush becomes slightly crumby.

Take the knife and slowly begin flattening the blusher out by firmly pressing it down and evenly spreading it around the container.

You will know it's done when the blusher feels SLIGHTLY rubbery and soft.

Clean the edges using the Q-tip and eye-shadow brush, and then clean the outside of the blusher container.

And there you have it! You blusher will be as good as new, just leave the lid open and allow it to completely dry out the alcohol for around 24 hours.  


  1. Fantastic job! I should probably do this to my blush, ive just been so lazy... but i think you've motivated me to get it done!

    p.s. thanks for sharing my button! Totally appreciate it!!!!

    1. Anytime! Your site is so nice we had to share it! xx