Saturday, 19 January 2013

How to make your own durable stickers!

Whenever you want to label something, whether it be a jar or your office supplies, here is a simple and fast way to make your own stickers! These stickers turn out being quite durable and last for a very long time. This is how we made them!

You will need:
1. A small amount of clear book contact
2. Plain white paper
3. Scissors
4. Black pen
5. Double sided tape
6. Colouring in instruments

Begin choosing the size of the sticker you would like and cutting your paper to that size. Draw your design with a black pen or art-liner onto the paper. I was making a sticker to label a jar or Mod Podge I had made earlier that day, so thats what I was drawing on mine. Colour the sticker in. 
Measure up the size of the paper against your contact, making sure you cut the contact just a little larger than the paper itself. Pull the back of the contact off to expose the sticky edge and carefully place it onto the paper. Cut a second piece of contact to the same size as the first and repeat the process, applying the second layer to the other side of the paper. Try and make sure the contact as smooth as possible.

Press the contact down firmly and then cut around it, leaving a few millimetres of contact around the edges of the sticker. And there you have it!

Cut some double sided tape to fit the sticker, and then stick it to the desired surface.

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