Monday, 21 January 2013

How to make your own Mod Podge

Mod Podge is an art medium used for a large array of do it yourself projects. It is really useful and easy to use. The only downside is the price. Mod podge costs around $50.00 per litre, and if you are using it regularly this can end up breaking a hole in your bank account, especially if you are two teenagers working at minimum wage.

Milly and I did some re-search, and found this amazingly simple method to make your own version of this liquid gold. It may not be the real deal, but for around two dollars, this stuff is defiantly pretty amazing. 


1. A cup of water (half the amount of glue you use)
2. PVA glue of any kind
3. Something to stir with, I used a satay stick. 
4. A clean, empty jar for storage 

Start by pouring your glue and water into the jar. I used whatever PVA glue I had left over, and then poured in around half that amount in water. It doesn't have to be perfect, you can always add i more glue or water to get the right consistency. 

Next, stir the mixture with the satay stick until the two substances combine. You want the mixture to have the consistency of gravy. Initially, mine was too runny and was more like milk, so I simply added a little more glue to bring it to the right thickness. 

And there you have it! The end result is an easy to apply, cheap alternative to Mod podge that takes around 5 minutes to make! The only negatives of this homemade Mod Podge is that it sometimes can create more bubbles if applied to thin papers, and that it can possibly yellow over time. You can avoid these issues by being more careful to smooth out any wrinkles and bubbles in the paper, and by using an acid free glue to prevent the colour changing. 

I also made a label for the jar of mod podge I made, using a quick and easy method of making our own stickers. If you want to know how I did this, click here.
I apply my mod podge to surfaces using a homemade sponge brush (A kitchen sponge with a paddle pop stick, shown in the first picture) but you can use anything really. A store bought sponge brush would probably be a lot better, but for now my home made one is good enough.

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