Friday, 25 January 2013

Paper Covered Lids

 Now I don't know if you lovely viewers have noticed this yet but in Devina and my partnership I'm generally pretty cynical when it comes to gifts, I really don't like spending a lot of money on anyone but myself. This opinion is only going to be reinforced by the motivation of the following post.

I am going to show you how to save money, give a really cool gift and secretly be a second-rate friend! And all in this one DIY, can you believe it?!

What you will need - a jar with a lid (DUH!), a pencil, some scissors, a paintbrush or sponge, your Mod Podge and some pretty paper.

NOTE: If you're a little strapped for cash, like I always am, try making some homemade Mod Podge! Click here to see how! Consider yourself warned though, you definitely need a secure lid on your storage container. My science book is still stuck to my desk...

 1. Grab your paper and lay it out flat, in the corner of the page trace around your jar lid, but be sure to leave enough paper around the circle in order for it to overlap the sides of the jar lid.

2. Cover the circle that you traced from your lid in Mod Podge. Also cover the top of the lid in Mod Podge, place the lid back down on to the circle that you traced. Leave it to dry for about 5-10 minutes.

TIP: If the paper you're using is a type of thin paper or wrapping paper, try not to use to much Mod Podge as it can make the paper really bubbly and hard to use.

 3. Cut a circle around the lid, but make sure its far enough from the lid overlap the sides.

4. Make cuts from the sides all the way to the edge of the lid. The cuts should be around 1cm or more in thickness.

5. One at a time, cover the strips of paper in Mod Podge and pull over the sides of the lid. Press and hold to the inside of the lid for about 10-15 seconds for each strip. Every once and a while brush some Mod Podge over the strips of paper on the inside edge of the lid.

NOTE: If you're using wrapping paper, once you have brushed the paint on the strips, they will curl. Once the glue is on the strip immediately apply it to the inside of the lid, try not to get glue on anymore than one strip at a time.

6. Once all of the strips have been glued down, once again run some Mod Podge around the inside edge of the lid, just to make sure all the strips are glued down.

7. Leave the lid to dry for a couple of hours.

And now you have a super cool gift or decoration for your room! So if you're struggling to justify spending significant amounts of money on a present for someone who you don't particularly like but are forced to socialize with just fill the jar with candy or chocolate to make it look like you really went the extra mile!

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