Sunday, 12 August 2012

Paper covered clock

What you will need- Pencil, clock, eraser, sponge, water, PVA
glue, blue tack, container, paper of your choice (I got mine from the inside
of a wind in the willows book I found at an op shop) and scissors. 
1. Faintly outline paper onto clock
2 and 3. Blue tack paper onto clock and press down. 
4. Turn clock upside down and draw line on back.
5. Take paper off clock and cut out lines.  

6. Mix PVA glue and water together until they become paste like.
7.  Dip pieces of paper into the paste until they soften up a little.
Make sure they are not in the paste for too long!
8. Stick the paper onto the areas on the clock that were drawn on earlier.
9. Dip a sponge in the paste and hen dab it all over the clocks surface.
10. Allow the clock to dry.
Repeat steps 9 & 10 three or four times until the clock has been thoroughly
 coated in the mixture.
Once the clock is dry and the paper has a slight shine, it's time to hang it up!
All together, my clock cost me $7.00, $1.00 for the book, and $6.00 for the clock.
 I think it was $7.00 well spent.

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