Wednesday, 5 December 2012

DIY Flower Garlands

Milly and I saw some beautiful Flower Garlands the other day and thought we would have a go at making them ourselves. The garlands we made were very simple and quick, but ended up looking really pretty. This is how we did it.

You will need: 
1. Scissors 
2. Wire clippers
3. Fake flowers of your choice 
4. Duct tape
5. Wire

NOTE: Milly found some wire to use at her house for this project. Your wire can be from anything, maybe look for an old metal clothes hanger you could use? It doesn't really matter about the wires condition as it will be covered in tape soon.

Measure the wire to your head size and then cover it in green duct tape.

Cut the flowers to the desired length. We found that some of the flowers we bought had wire in them, and that we had to use the wire clippers as the scissors just wouldn't cut it.
Pun intended.

Arrange your flowers into the pattern you want and begin sticking them onto the wire. Make sure you secure them tightly, as the can fall off quite easily if not fastened correctly!

 And thats it! Below are a few photos of the finished products.

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